Messages by Beth Monhollen (Page 2)

Messages by Beth Monhollen (Page 2)

Faithful Neighbors

Beth begins by talking about the concept of neighbors. She shares a story about settling down into a home, and wondering what it would mean for both her and her husband to have neighbors. She also shares a prayer from Rabbi John from the Beth Isreal Congregation for the Day of Prayer. The Interfaith Action Community is planning a day of action, focusing on diversity and inclusion. This is important work, because it helps us to see the humanity in…

Joy In My Heart

Beth begins this week by talking about the concept of “deserving joy.” She remembers certain moments in her childhood where she experienced huge amounts of joy, and worrying that those feelings may have been lost. She reminds us that paying attention can lead to joy, but being busy, stressed, or not in the moment can cloud that feeling over. It’s important to not ignore the bad things going on in the world, but – as Beth says – to grab…

Melting Ground

Beth begins by sharing a story from when she was a child and she experienced a near drowning.  She talks about how she thought she’d been standing on solid ground, but that it seemed to melt beneath her feet. This pandemic has felt very much like the sensation of the ground beneath your feet dissolving. She shares a story about a person refusing to leave a flooded home because they’re clinging to a belief that they’ll be saved. Finally, she…
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