Neighbors and Helpers

Neighbors and Helpers

Moving to Action

In today’s message, Rev. Lee sits down with local DEI advocate, Brandyn Campbell to speak about the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion, especially as it relates to young people, and in schools.

The Dialogue Institute

Lay Preacher Rodney Whittenberg speaks with fellow WellSpringer, Majid Alsayegh, as well as David Kruger from The Dialogue Institute about the importance of interfaith cooperation and understanding.

Alternatives to Violence

Lay preacher, Kathleen Higgins, speaks with guest Brian Winward, about their joint work in local prisons, speaking with incarcerated people about alternatives to violence.

Practicing Hope

IN this return of our Neighbors and Helpers message series, Rev. Lee interviews Jordi Comas from the “Barnstorming PA” podcast.

Sharing Space

This week, Rev. Lee begins by taking a few moments to reflect on the situation in Ukraine. She then welcomes guest speaker Cathy Farrell from St. Mary’s Franciscan Shelter. They talk about the issues facing families looking for housing in and around the Phoenixville area, and what we can do to help as a community. Sharing Space START OF TRANSCRIPT[00:00:00] Speaker1Andy he wrote that song in the last year. We’re so lucky to have such talented musicians, aren’t we? Yes.…

The Company We Keep

This week, Ministerial Intern, Beth Monhollen spends some time speaking with fellow seminary school students. They talk a bit about the work they hope to accomplish in their communities as Unitarian Universalist ministers. The Company We Keep START OF TRANSCRIPT[00:00:05] Speaker1Oh, my gosh, there’s people you’re not boxes on a screen, hello, everyone. And for those of you who are boxes on the screen, yeah,your box is on a screen and you’re here, you’re all here with us today. For…

Multiple Pathways

Today, Rev. Ken speaks with Kate Parsons, PCC, CRS – Leadership and Recovery Coach and founder of The Brightening Center. They both discuss their own recovery journeys, and also offer some options for anyone who may be considering recovery for themselves. Multiple Pathways START OF TRANSCRIPT[00:00:00] Speaker1The following is a message from WellSprings congregation. Morning, Kate. It’s good to see you. I can always wonderful to see you.[00:00:09] Speaker2How are you doing today?[00:00:10] Speaker1I’m doing good. Thank you. It’s nice,…
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