Children & Youth

Children & Youth

religious education & Spiritual Exploration

At WellSprings, the younger members of our congregation are encouraged to engage in spiritual exploration, to ask meaningful questions and get meaningful answers, to build community with their peers, to have fun, and to bloom into charged-full members of our beloved community.  

Providing kids with their own opportunities for spiritual exploration offers a foundation for developing a full spiritual life as they become adult members of our congregation and our Unitarian Universalist faith.

Our offerings include:

  • Nursery: The very smallest WellSpringers are always welcome to stay with their families on Sunday mornings, but we also offer space for little ones age 0-5 in our Nursery, staffed all morning with two experienced caregivers who create a fun and safe play-space as an alternative.
  • YouthSpirit: At our Sunday service, friends age 5-12 leave our Sunday service after the Meditation to gather in like-aged groups. Together they ponder the things that make life meaningful, like friendship, gratitude, kindness, forgiveness, and caring for self, each other and all living things, through developmentally appropriate conversations, activities, and games.
  • Our Whole Lives (OWL): This comprehensive, values-based sexuality and relationship education program is offered every other year for tweens in grades 7-9. Read more about OWL.
  • Teen Group: This group offers teens ages 13-17 opportunities for social connection and service throughout the year, typically with a monthly gathering or outing chaperoned by our staff and parents.

Planning a visit? Click here to let us know you’re coming – we look forward to meeting your whole family!

Questions? Email Carol Breslin, our YouthSpirit Director

YouthSpirit Mentors

All WellSprings Teams are led by members of the congregation. Sign into our online community on Realm to send a message to any of our leaders, or contact for more information. YouthSpirit Mentors Team Leader: Carol Breslin

WellSprings Youth and Teens are Important Members of Our Community

Where there are WellSprings families, there are WellSprings kids, and regardless of age, each member of those families has their own spiritual needs. It’s our job to meet those needs every step of the way. Younger WellSpringers may be any number of places on Sunday mornings. Perhaps they’re right here in our nursery or our YouthSpirit program, maybe they’re at dance or baseball practice, possibly they’re with another parent, or they might even be at home under the weather. We…