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Minister Emeritus FAQ

At our upcoming Congregational Meeting on June 5th, one of the items we are voting on is whether to grant Rev. Ken Beldon the title of “Minster Emeritus” upon his retirement. We’ve assembled an FAQ to help folks understand what that means, and how it works. As stated in a recent update from the Board of Trustees: The Emeritus designation is granted to a minister to honor long and meritorious service to a congregation where the minister has given devoted…

A Look Back at Our “Starting Small” Message Series

During the month of May, WellSprings offered four very special services, which set out to include people of all ages. We had some of our younger WellSpringers helping out as Worship Leaders, chalice lighters, hat passers, and even activity leaders. Keep reading to see a description of each week, and the accompanying photos and videos. Week 1: Mystery Seeds Rev. Ken led us in a planting activity. Each person present was given a small, biodegradable cup, some soil, and some…

WellSprings and Beth Israel Co-Sponsor a Performance of “Only A Girl”

On Thursday, April 28th, WellSprings Congregation and the Beth Israel Congregation co-sponsored a performance of the show “Only a Girl.” Held in honor of Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, this special presentation was created and Performed by Janet Rodgers. The 100+ attendees, both in-person and online, heard the inspiring true story of a young Catholic Polish girl who saved the lives of twelve young Jewish professionals during WWII. The 50-minute solo performance told the true story of Irena Gut Opdyke…


A Different Way

Rev. Lee talks today about her decision to reduce her workload temporarily to help prevent burnout. In this honest message, she asks all of us to consider the ways in which we might approach work and responsibilities differently – in a way that helps us continue to both work and care for ourselves. A Different Way [00:00:01] Speaker1Who knows where the time goes. It’s April already. And I can’t believe Easter is next week. There’s so many. Wonderful things aboutbeing…

God Shaped Hole

Rev. Ken begins this week with remembering his father, who passed away last Fall. He shares with us a poem/song his father wrote called ‘Tsuris,” a Yiddish word equating to “stress.” He tells us about his father’s experiences in the Korean war, and how traumatic they must have been. We are invited to listen to a poem quietly, and consider the busy nature of our lives, and whether that’s serving us. He shares a story about another veteran recounting his…

Wholly Unravelling

This week, Beth Monhollen talks to us about a Brene Brown blog post about a “midlife unravelling” that became very meaningful in her life in 2018. She tells us about how she changed career paths after being very well established in a different field, and what those feelings were like. During this time, she looked to her husband, who had undergone a midlife unravelling of his own as well. Wholly Unravelling START OF TRANSCRIPT[00:00:00] Speaker1The following is a message from…


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