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“God Laughs” Message Series Resource Guide

The old Yiddish proverb – “We plan, God laughs” – feels too relatable, these days. Information shifts, new crises erupt, and so much of what we look forward to keeps slipping through our open hands. How can we find peace when expectations go unmet, and predictions fall apart? What promises can we trust, that don’t rely on forces outside our control – but within them? Download the resource guide

In-Person Service Cancelled This Sunday

Dear WellSprings, You may know that over the past week, daily case counts for Covid-19 have been rising in our area. As of Thursday afternoon, the transmission risk for Chester County had moved up into the “Very High” category, as measured by the website CovidActNow. Therefore, according to the UUA guidelines our Board adopted this Fall, WellSprings is temporarily suspending the in-person component of our worship gathering, beginning this Sunday, September 19. Personally, I feel frustrated by this… and I…

Celebrating WellCome Back Sunday

On Sunday, September 12th, we marked our return to in-person services with our annual “WellCome Back Sunday” celebration. We began with music, and then moved onto a special segment where we told a story about a villager going each day to a river to collect water in buckets – one of which had a leak. We needed a little help from the congregation for the end of the story… We also heard both Rev. Lee and Rev. Ken speak as…


Chances Are

This week, our Message begins with a story about Beethoven. Rev. Ken remarks on how apropos our new message series, “God Laughs,” is this week, since we are not gathered together in Bell Hall like we were just a week ago. This message seried gets its name from a Yiddish proverb “We plan, God laughs.” He talks about the importance of keeping covenants with one another, even though we realize that plans may fall through. This was demonstrated recently when…

WellCome Back Sunday

Rev. Lee begins by remembering how much has changed since the beginning of the pandemic, and holding space for the people we’ve lost. She also talks about the song we sang during service, “Hard Times.” It tells us that the answer to hard times is to dance. Rev. Ken also speaks. He shares a post from an Episcopal priest who commented on their own husband’s twitter post thinking he was a “random stranger,” for lack of paying attention. He emphasizes…


Chris begins this week’s service by talking about the nature of happiness. He highlights the Kurt Vonnegut quote “If this isn’t nice, what is?” He also brings up the concept of tragic optimism, which means being clear-eyed about a situation, while remaining hopeful. He concludes with The Five Remembrances of Buddhism. He goes through each and explains how – even though some of them might seem gloomy on the surface – they can hold the key to happiness. Happy [00:00:00]…


Our community shares what we have, within and beyond our doors – always motivated by care, compassion, and gratitude.

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