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Resource Guide for our “What Would [____] Do?” Message Series

Join us as we begin our new message series for Spring: “What Would [_____] Do?” The phrase “what would Jesus do” was everywhere in the early 1990s – a question Jesus-followers were encouraged to ask themselves, when faced with modern problems. But what do we think Jesus would do, if he were alive today? Would he be a teacher and healer? A carpenter? An activist? A leader? Would we know his name at all? What about the Buddha, or the…

Save the Date… for Beth’s Ordination!

As you all know, Beth Monhollen has served our congregation so well, as WellSprings’ first official “Kenneth S. Beldon Ministerial Intern,” joining us in the summer of 2021. Beth is here with us to complete the final step in the ministerial formation process – and now that she has been evaluated by our national denomination and approved for fellowship, she is free to be formally ordained into the Unitarian Universalist ministry. I am so pleased to share that Beth has asked WellSprings to…

Get Centered this Spring With Mindful Meditation

This Spring, we’re thrilled to offer this relaxing and centering small group workshop. Whether you’re brand new to mindful meditation, or if you’ve been practicing for years, this group is for you. Through discussion and practice, participants will explore mindfulness of the breath, body, emotions and thoughts. We will also concentrate on heart practices and bringing your practice out into the world.  This SpringBoard will take place Mondays at 7 pm via Zoom, March 6th through April 10th. You can…


Threads of Purpose

Today, Beth Monhollen speaks with two guests. Steve Waldman talks about his volunteer work as chief engineer with a local fire department, and Majid Alsayegh talks about his work in interfaith connection, especially in the Middle East.

To Be of Use

Rev. Lee speaks with two guests: Julie Choi and Tiffany Shoffner, about their work in sales, and how their jobs have come to mean more to them than they initially expected.

Seeing Over the Ridge

Lay preacher, Kathleen Higgins, shares her story about how her initial goals of being a teacher have landed her in a teaching role she didn’t quite expect.


Our community shares what we have, within and beyond our doors – always motivated by care, compassion, and gratitude.

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