Charged Full with the Charge of the Soul

Sunday Service at 10am, in-person & online.


Now Hiring: Office Coordinator

WellSprings is now hiring for a part-time role on our Staff Team: our Office Coordinator! This person will coordinate the administrative functions of our congregation – on Sunday mornings, and on a flexible schedule throughout the week. Read below for more information, including how to apply. About WellSprings: WellSprings Congregation is a progressive spiritual community of ~250 adults, teens, and children in Chester County, PA. A member of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations, our mission is to be a community “charged…

Loving (Even) This World: Our Holiday Message Series

As UUs, we believe there is sacred meaning found in everyday life. … Yes, even this life. Even late-Covid, election season, war-torn, Earth burning… Somehow, even these times are full of love and purpose. During this series, we’ll offer opportunities for our whole community to meditate in public, in different places across the region. What will it feel like, to take that “one conscious breath” in the midst of this world, as it honestly is? Click here to find the…

Sit With Us, This Holiday Season

During our Holiday message series, “Loving (Even) This World,” we’re offering opportunities for our whole community to meditate in public, in different places across the region – a chance to practice being present amidst the busyness of the season, and to look at the world around you, with fresh eyes. Bring a camp chair, cushion, blanket, or yoga mat as you prefer. Bench seating is available in most of our locations, but will be limited. Rev. Lee will lead us…


Moving to Action

In today’s message, Rev. Lee sits down with local DEI advocate, Brandyn Campbell to speak about the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion, especially as it relates to young people, and in schools.

The Dialogue Institute

Lay Preacher Rodney Whittenberg speaks with fellow WellSpringer, Majid Alsayegh, as well as David Kruger from The Dialogue Institute about the importance of interfaith cooperation and understanding.

Alternatives to Violence

Lay preacher, Kathleen Higgins, speaks with guest Brian Winward, about their joint work in local prisons, speaking with incarcerated people about alternatives to violence.


Our community shares what we have, within and beyond our doors – always motivated by care, compassion, and gratitude.

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1141 Kimberton Rd. Chester Springs, PA 19425