Charged Full with the Charge of the Soul

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WellSprings: There’s an App for That!

In continuing to build our online presence, WellSprings has officially launched a smartphone app, available for download now! This app will allow you to stay connected all week. You can now easily: Read the Order of Service Fill out a Connection Card Watch past message videos Read message transcripts Register kids for YouthSpirit RSVP to events Read the latest WellSprings news Contact a minister … and more, just by clicking a few buttons! We hope you’ll find the app helpful…

A Special Service to Remember Those We’ve Lost

WellSprings Annual remembrance Service To be Held October 31st At the end of each October, WellSprings holds an annual Remembrance Service. Together, we build an altar that holds mementos and photos of all our loved ones lost, from within and beyond our community. This year, as we continue to process the grief of the pandemic, we honor that we have that same need: to connect and share stories and mementos of the loved ones we miss so dearly, and carry with us through all our…

We Are Hiring!

WellSprings has two open positions to fill, for the year ahead! Do you know someone looking for a few hours of work each week, on Sunday mornings? Both of these roles involve engaging with our congregation’s children, and are ideal for a responsible older teen, college or grad student, or anyone who’d like to generate some part-time income. Please feel free to share within your own networks, to help us find great candidates! YouthSpirit Assistant Responsibilities: Support small group program…


By Name

Rev. Lee begins by talking about the saga of the Maryland zebras on the loose. She then shares a story about a friend’s baby learning the words of things in the world – dog, ant, goat, fish – and how naming these things once calmed him down in the middle of a bad crying fit. This is actually a powerful tool for bringing someone out of an anxiety attack. She talks a bit about what it means to heal, and…

Listening Beyond the Laughs

This week, Rev. Ken begins by talking about the concept of “yucking someone else’s yum.” He also reflects on the meaning of nervous laughter and sarcasm, and shares a story about a time when he laughed nervously while making a 911 call. A concept called “The four horsemen of relationship apocalypse” is shown, as is a story about a man who suffered from OCD as a child. Listening Beyond the Laughs START OF TRANSCRIPT[00:00:00] Speaker1The following is a message from…

Under the Rainbow

Rev. Lee begins by sharing a quote from Toni Morrison. She defines the term “moral injury” and shows how it applies to the ongoing situation with Covid. She also offers a new way of looking at the story of Noah, and what it might say about a God who could both get angry enough to wipe out humanity, but also learn and grow and try again. Under the Rainbow [00:00:00] Speaker1The following is a message from Wellsprings Congregation. Melissa has…


Our community shares what we have, within and beyond our doors – always motivated by care, compassion, and gratitude.

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