Messages by Matthew Bunczk

Messages by Matthew Bunczk

Listening Within

Lay preacher, Matt Bunczk, shares his story of the different ways he experienced god as a young catholic, and later, as an adult who had come out as gay. Matt also explores some theological discussion and argument surrounding two specific verses in Leviticus, which have impacted his life.

Call Me By Your Name

Lay preacher, Matt Munczk shares a message inspired by the movie “Call Me By Your Name,” a movie that explores love between two men, which, importantly, doesn’t end in tragedy, unlike many similar movies do.

Consider the Lilies

In today’s message, Beth Monhollen speaks with WellSpringer, Matthew, about his work as a translator. Matthew shares his experiences working in this field as a freelancer, and speaks about the challenges and joys of his work. To close, Matthew and Beth share a prayer in 5 different languages.