Every Kind of Love

Every Kind of Love

Holding Us Together

Jessica shares our final love story in our Every Kind of Love story, and Rev. Lee talks about the meaning of lving your community, and how that challenges us to grow and learn together.

Dearly Beloved

Today we are hearing from some couples at WellSprings about their marriages. Rev. Lee also reflects on some of the weddings she’s performed as a minister.

Love Endures

For Easter, Rev. Lee shares a story which challenges the way we might see Thomas the apostle. Known as a doubter, perhaps he was more rightly labeled as a person who had simply seen too many bad things to have hope.

Loving Beyond a Lifetime

Lay preacher, Kathy Burke Howe, shares a story about her late sister. She explores how her complicated feelings towards a relative have changed and come into a different kind of focus.

Labors of Love

Ministerial Intern, Nick Sanchez, reflects on how some of the small things we do in our lives, are done out of love. Something as simple as offering a cup of coffee is actively putting more love into the world.

Growing Everywhere

Rev. Lee introduces our new message series “Every Kind of Love,” inspired by an elder we lost last year. She reflects on all the different ways love can show up in our lives, and also shares some of her favorite Meet Cute NYC clips