Messages by Nick Sanchez

Messages by Nick Sanchez

Labors of Love

Ministerial Intern, Nick Sanchez, reflects on how some of the small things we do in our lives, are done out of love. Something as simple as offering a cup of coffee is actively putting more love into the world.

Taking a Breath

Ministerial Intern, Nick Sanchez shares a message about a time when he was navigating lots of change – physical, emotional, educational, familial, spiritual – trying to do too much at once, and making the choice to stop and take a breath. Some exhaustion is deeper than just physical, and that’s what leads to burnout. Nick tells us about a time when he came face to face with that reality, and chose to step back.

Sacred Spaces

Ministerial Intern, Nick Sanchez, talks to us about how we can make any space into a sacred space. Beginning with the story of his recent move to the area, and his final sunset seen from his Florida balcony, all the way to Bell Hall – a space with no religious iconography, stained glass, or religious texts – he assures us that we can find the sacred anywhere we need it.

Impossible Miracles

Inspired by a conversation with an Atheist friend, Ministerial Intern, Nick Sanchez, shares a math lesson with us which begins with a deck of cards. By the end of this message, Nick will have you convinced that you are a miracle.

Living the Questions

To open our God Without Borders message series, our Ministerial Intern, Nick Sanchez, speaks about his enthusiasm for theological discussions in a larger sense, but also about some of his personal experiences with religion

Say Yes

Today, our new ministerial intern, Nick Sanchez offered his first message to us. He talks about his own experience in getting off the fence, and choosing to pursue ministry. He also shares a poem which means a lot to him called “Say Yes,” by Andrea Gibson.