Messages from June 2023

Messages from June 2023

Everything, Everywhere, All At Once

For today’s message, Bev Fox has chosen the multiverse movie, Everything, Everywhere, All At Once. She talks about themes of family, courage and change in this story of an unsuspecting, stressed out woman whose world gets turned upside down.


Beth Monhollen shares her last message with us before her ordination, and before moving on to serve her new ministry in Illinois. She’s chosen the Disney movie Encanto for this special message.

Call Me By Your Name

Lay preacher, Matt Munczk shares a message inspired by the movie “Call Me By Your Name,” a movie that explores love between two men, which, importantly, doesn’t end in tragedy, unlike many similar movies do.

The Last Of Us

Rev. Lee shares her message about the HBO series, The Last of Us, and talks about how love can make people do terrible things, but also great things.