Messages from October 2023

Messages from October 2023

Our Remembrances 2023

This is the remembrance video we played during our Remembrance Sunday service on October 29th, 2023

Good Days

Rev. Lee begins her message by addressing the conflict happening in our world right now, and the many (and often invisible) ways it’s impacting all of us. Calling back to Rodney’s message last week, she acknowledges that we probably won’t be able to flip a switch and solve this, but we can keep putting good out in the world. She also introduces the congregation to the story of “Flamy Grant,” a queer, drag performer who writes worship music, and tells…

Small things Matter

Lay preacher, Rodney Whittenberg, talks to us today about how it’s okay to not try and solve everything at once. We know we can’t flip a switch and make the world’s problems disappear, but we can make small changes, and those small changes always matter.

The People Have the Power

Inspired by a Patti Smith lyric, lay preacher Chris Groppe talks about the power of collective action. He highlights several of our community justice partner organizations, and asks our members to sign up to learn more about some of them. If you’d like to add your name to those lists, you can do that at this link.

Where Do We Stand?

In today’s message, lay preacher Kathleen Higgins talks about not only what it means to get “off the fence,” but offers us some helpful strategies when dealing with folks who have very different values from our own.