Messages from February 2024

Messages from February 2024

For Each Other

This week, Rev. Lee introduces us to a favorite poem by Wendell Berry, which calls for people to care for the Earth in such a way that future generations will benefit. She shares that it’s hard to feel youthful optimism these days, when it feels like we are fighting the same battles over and over again. But what if we are still growing and changing through these battles – and for the better, at that?

Taking a Breath

Ministerial Intern, Nick Sanchez shares a message about a time when he was navigating lots of change – physical, emotional, educational, familial, spiritual – trying to do too much at once, and making the choice to stop and take a breath. Some exhaustion is deeper than just physical, and that’s what leads to burnout. Nick tells us about a time when he came face to face with that reality, and chose to step back.

Come Alive

Rev. Lee talks to us this week about books she recently read by Howard Thurman. She asks the question: What if the people who seem to be more spiritually connected, are just the ones who have learned the trick of paying attention? How can we come alive in simple ways?

The Hardest “Thank You”

Guest Preacher, Lisa Schilansky, shares a message asking us to go back and take a look at some of those moment we’d maybe rather not. What would happen if we reframed some of our “cringey” memories as learning experiences? What if we thanked ourselves for what we learned in those moments?