Messages from January 2024

Messages from January 2024

Better Days Ahead

Today’s message is a conversation between Rev. Lee and Chris Brickhouse, from the Better Days Ahead outreach organization. He discusses the issue of homelessness in our area, and how we can help in meaningful ways.

Sacred Spaces

Ministerial Intern, Nick Sanchez, talks to us about how we can make any space into a sacred space. Beginning with the story of his recent move to the area, and his final sunset seen from his Florida balcony, all the way to Bell Hall – a space with no religious iconography, stained glass, or religious texts – he assures us that we can find the sacred anywhere we need it.

First Thing

Rev. Lee introduces our new message series, Daily reminders, by sharing the results of the poll she took online, asking friends “What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?” And spoiler alert: no matter what the answer is, you are already being spiritual, in anything you do.