Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Learn a bit about our Ministers and the members of our Staff Team.

Executive Minister

Rev. Lee Paczulla (She/Her)

I came to WellSprings right after graduating from Divinity School in 2013, and knew then – and now – that this is one of the most fascinating spiritual communities I’ve ever encountered. It’s a place where I can grow spiritually as a minister, right alongside my congregants. It’s a community of people who are wonderfully open-hearted, original, purposeful, and connected. This congregation is doing something new and different with Unitarian Universalism, and my call to ministry has always been around…
Ministerial Intern

Nick Sanchez (He/Him)

Hello! I am Nick Sanchez (he/him), and I am honored and overjoyed to serve as WellSprings’ current Kenneth S. Beldon Ministerial Intern. What does that mean? With the help of our congregation, staff, and the supervision of Rev. Lee, I am going through a hands-on learning experience helping me on my path to becoming a fellowshipped Unitarian Universalist minister. You can find me preaching on Sundays, planning and running small group discussions, providing one-on-one spiritual care, helping out with YouthSpirit…
YouthSpirit Director

Carol Breslin (She/Her)

Every week I can’t believe this is part of my job – I get to work with kids, do crafts, share stories, exchange ideas, and play games each Sunday morning. I have the privilege of working with a wonderful group of staff and volunteers, essential to bringing our nursery, YouthSpirit and teen programs to our families year-round, and am additionally blessed to work alongside my amazing WellSprings colleagues. But most importantly, I am grateful for the opportunity to plant a…
Membership & Communications Coordinator

Beth Trandahl (She/Her)

Hello! My name is Beth and I am the Membership and Communications Coordinator for WellSprings Congregation. It’s my job to keep the dialogue flowing both to and from our community. I’m so happy to be a part of such a wonderful group of people that make that job such a joy to do. I was originally hired at WellSprings as the Office Coordinator, working behind the scenes and learning the ropes. When my current position opened up, I jumped at…
YouthSpirit Assistant

Jaden Howe (They/Them)

Hi, I’m Jaden! My pronouns are they/them. I’m currently a senior looking to go into animation and computer science after high school. As a kid I always loved when my babysitters would bring craft supplies for me to use, so I hope to provide similar creative stimulation for the children of Wellsprings!
YouthSpirit Assistant/Nursery Caregiver

Helen Zou (She/Her)

Nursery Caregiver

Noah Nettingham (He/Him)

Hi, I’m Noah Nettingham. I’m 18 years old, and am interested in reading, drawing, writing, and dinosaurs. I have been at WellSprings for 7 years, attending with my family, and have been assisting with YouthSpirit and the Nursery for 4 years.
Minister Emeritus

Rev. Ken Beldon (He/Him)

My first day at WellSprings was the first day of WellSprings. I was here before the congregation even had a name. You could say I’ve had a meaningful, fulfilling, enriching ministry here. But that wouldn’t quite be the truth. I’ve had meaningful, fulfilling, enriching ministries at WellSprings. Different seasons, different roles, all valuable. And that’s what I love about this place. Spiritual community can be a midwife birthing us into wholeness and well-being through the changes in our lives. WellSprings is a remarkable community…