Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Learn a bit about our Ministers and the members of our Staff Team.

Executive Minister

Rev. Lee Paczulla (She/Her)

I came to WellSprings right after graduating from Divinity School in 2013, and knew then – and now – that this is one of the most fascinating spiritual communities I’ve ever encountered. It’s a place where I can grow spiritually as a minister, right alongside my congregants. It’s a community of people who are wonderfully open-hearted, original, purposeful, and connected. This congregation is doing something new and different with Unitarian Universalism, and my call to ministry has always been around…
Ministerial Intern

Beth Monhollen (She/Her)

Hello, I’m Beth. I’m honored and excited to serve as WellSprings’ ministerial intern and to develop and expand my faith formation while learning from and with this community.  I have deep roots in Central Appalachia although I’ve lived for my entire adult life in Milwaukee, WI.  My professional background and training are in theater and higher education and I’ve been an activist, performing artist, and teacher in my home community. My religious background is Pentecostal and Baptist, but I was introduced…
YouthSpirit Director

Carol Breslin (She/Her)

Every week I can’t believe this is part of my job – I get to work with kids, do crafts, share stories, exchange ideas, and play games each Sunday morning. I have the privilege of working with a wonderful group of staff and volunteers, essential to bringing our nursery, YouthSpirit and teen programs to our families year-round, and am additionally blessed to work alongside my amazing WellSprings colleagues. But most importantly, I am grateful for the opportunity to plant a…
Membership & Communications Coordinator

Jessica Heichel (She/Her)

Hi! I’m Jessica. My job here is to tell WellSprings’ story – both internally to our members and friends, and externally to our visitors, our partners, and to folks who just want to know what we’re all about. I handle the communications for our congregation, so if you found us as the result of a social media post, a podcast, or even a web search, I’m very glad to hear that. Personally, I had never even heard of Unitarian Universalism…
Office Coordinator

Beth Trandahl (She/Her)

Hello! My name is Beth and I am the Office Coordinator for WellSprings Congregation. My job is to keep the gears turning behind the scenes. I’m so happy to be a part of such a wonderful group of people that make that job such a joy to do. I’ve previously worked in Law Enforcement, Higher Education, and Finance. Much like Unitarian Universalism, I like to have a blend of different pieces in my life. My husband and three young children…
Production & Arts Coordinator

Joanna Lovell (She/Her)

Hi! I’m Joanna. My role here at WellSprings is to work closely with our Band and Tech Team, helping to build more opportunities for all WellSpringers to engage with music and the arts. As a lifelong UU, I have always believed in the power of collaboration and community. I am so excited to be working in a position that so well suits so many of my skills. It has been a goal of mine to marry technology with creativity, and…
Minister Emeritus

Rev. Ken Beldon (He/Him)

My first day at WellSprings was the first day of WellSprings. I’ve been here since before the congregation had a name. You could say I’ve had a meaningful, fulfilling, enriching ministry here. But that wouldn’t quite be the truth. I’ve had meaningful, fulfilling, enriching ministries at WellSprings. Different seasons, different roles, all valuable. And that’s what I love about this place. Spiritual community can be a midwife birthing us into wholeness and well-being through the changes in our lives. WellSprings is a remarkable community…
YouthSpirit Assistant

Jaden Howe (They/Them)

Hi, I’m Jaden! My pronouns are they/them. I’m currently a senior looking to go into animation and computer science after high school. As a kid I always loved when my babysitters would bring craft supplies for me to use, so I hope to provide similar creative stimulation for the children of Wellsprings!
Nursery Caregiver

Noah Nettingham (He/Him)

Hi, I’m Noah Nettingham. I’m 18 years old, and am interested in reading, drawing, writing and dinosaurs. I have been at wellsprings for 7 years, and have been a youth spirit assistant for 4 years.