Ministries & Teams

Ministries & Teams

Ministries & Teams

Our mission at WellSprings is to be a community charged-full with the charge of the soul – and that charge is what sustains and energizes all our efforts to make our mission real. Our community’s leaders serve on six core Ministries, color-coded here to show their relationships with our volunteer Teams doing similar work. Leaders in all these groups gather together regularly for connection, discernment, support, inspiration, and growth. Click on any Ministry or Team below, to learn more.

Addictions & Recovery Team

The Addictions & Recovery (A&R) Team provides compassionate, nonjudgmental presence for individuals and families within WellSprings struggling with alcoholism, substance use disorder, and other addictions, and helps connect people with resources for recovery and healing.

Caring Team

The Caring Team fulfills one of our newest intentions as a community: offering a way for WellSpringers to be here for each other, through all of life’s milestones. Everyone on our Caring Team is trained to work alongside our ministers, providing compassionate presence to others within our community. If you are welcoming a new baby, experiencing a loss, dealing with a health issue, or otherwise living through a big change or a tough time, we can accompany you through it. Anyone at WellSprings can e-mail to…

Belonging Team

The Belonging Team invites new and existing WellSpringers to experience a sense of belonging through intentional outreach, as well as creating and fostering opportunities for ongoing connection with each other.

Family Ministry Team

Our team serves individuals, parents, spouses, and children who are seeking authentic connection and a vibrant spiritual experience in their family lives. We know we don’t need to be experts to provide support, understanding, and empathy, and believe no one should feel alone in their experience of being part of a family.

HeartWorks Team

The HeartWorks Team commits to heartfelt acts of conscious service grounded in compassion and respect. Through life’s endless cycle of giving and receiving, we connect with each other and with the Sacred.

Hospitality Team

Our Hospitality Team embraces the belief that each of us yearns for connection, and so we welcome people on Sunday mornings with generosity of spirit, sharing our deeper selves with joy. We aspire to create an atmosphere where all can be nurtured in their spiritual life by the WellSprings community.

JusticeWorks Team

The JusticeWorks Team lives into shared principles of love and compassion to impact lives and promote justice with local and global communities.

Setup & Support Team

Our team “sets the welcome table” for our sacred space by generously and joyfully providing a comfortable, functional, and welcoming physical environment for each Sunday morning service.

Small Groups Team

This Team coordinates Springboards, Retreats, and Soul Bites to build new connections, create opportunities to discover and celebrate our gifts, cultivate spiritual practices, and foster our ongoing growth.

Tech Team

The Tech Team powers the sounds and sights for each Sunday morning service, making sure our band, worship leaders, and ministers are heard and seen in our worship space, and on our weekly podcast.

Worship Leaders Team

Our Worship Leaders meet periodically to discuss the liturgy for our Sunday services, plan for future seasons, and support and encourage each other in spiritual growth.

YouthSpirit Mentors Team

YouthSpirit (YS) Mentors lead interactive groups and spiritual workshops that connect to life beyond Sunday morning, and become a part of family life – in conversations, intentional time together, and practices that sustain meaningful daily living.
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