Ministries & Teams (Page 2)

Ministries & Teams (Page 2)

Ministries & Teams

Our mission at WellSprings is to be a community charged-full with the charge of the soul – and that charge is what sustains and energizes all our efforts to make our mission real. Our community’s leaders serve on six core Ministries, color-coded here to show their relationships with our volunteer Teams doing similar work. Leaders in all these groups gather together regularly for connection, discernment, support, inspiration, and growth. Click on any Ministry or Team below, to learn more.

Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees is elected by the congregation to provide strategic, forward-looking guidance in accordance with our mission, and to safeguard our community’s gifts and resources. The Board meets monthly with the Executive Minister to evaluate our congregation’s financial and management conditions, and to set strategic direction in collaboration with all our Ministries and Teams. Please feel free to talk to any Board member about your experiences or concerns at WellSprings. Contact the board via e-mail here:

Stewardship Ministry

Our Stewardship Ministry helps to promote and instill a culture of generosity and stewardship at WellSprings encouraging in us the open-hearted sharing of our gifts, helping us all find ways to support the health and growth of our membership, and the community outside our doors.

Leadership Development Ministry

Our Leadership Development (LD) Ministry invites and supports members of our Leaders Community into deepening, continuous practices that help us incarnate our gifts in the world. At WellSprings, our Leaders make a promise to one another, and to our whole community, to engage in four practices: Growing our skills Tending our spirits Honoring our energies Risking our voices These promises are described in more detail in our Leadership Covenant. Our Leaders are entrusted with making WellSprings’ mission real, within and…

Management Ministry

Our Management Ministry guides the creation and implementation of WellSprings’ strategic goals, and serves as a resource in matters of organizational process, growth and development of our staff team, and alignment of internal structures of the organization with the congregation’s strategy.

Spiritual Development Ministry

The Spiritual Development (SD) Ministry attends to the breath of the congregation. We encourage all parts of WellSprings to embody our spiritual aspirations, so that any part reflects the whole in interconnected relationship. Just as there is no inhalation without exhalation, this ministry lifts up the giving and receiving that is a part of healthy bodies and healthy systems.

YouthBridge Ministry

WellSprings has been imagining what a more robust program of engagement and spiritual connection for our youth might look like. In 2020, we are re-creating our YouthSpirit Ministry as our new YouthBridge Ministry – building new opportunities for people of all ages in the congregation to connect and grow together, outside of the Sunday morning YouthSpirit program. YouthBridge will work across our entire community to create pathways of connection between our youth and the whole of WellSprings.
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