Leadership Development Ministry

Leadership Development Ministry

Our Leadership Development (LD) Ministry invites and supports members of our Leaders Community into deepening, continuous practices that help us incarnate our gifts in the world.

At WellSprings, our Leaders make a promise to one another, and to our whole community, to engage in four practices:

  • Growing our skills
  • Tending our spirits
  • Honoring our energies
  • Risking our voices

These promises are described in more detail in our Leadership Covenant.

Our Leaders are entrusted with making WellSprings’ mission real, within and beyond our community. Take a look at our Leadership Requirements to learn more about the path towards joining our Leaders Community.

Are you interested in moving towards leadership? Contact any member of LD to start down the path!

More About LD

You can read more about how the Leadership Development Ministry works in this document describing our role. You can also read our Path to Leadership document below.

LD Leadership

All the members of any of WellSprings’ six core Ministries serve as co-equal leaders within their group. Sign into our online community on Realm to send a message to any of our leaders, or contact office@wellspringsuu.org for more information. Leadership Development Ministry: Mary Alsayegh, Ted Howe

LD News

Click here to read the latest news from our Leadership Development Ministry.

Get Involved in LD

Leadership Development is one of our six core Ministries at WellSprings. While our Teams make our mission real through focus on a specific area, our Ministries do work that reaches across all the different parts of our community. For this reason, every member of a Ministry is considered to be holding a leadership position at WellSprings. If you’re interested in serving on LD, we would love to hear from you! Please contact one of us to learn more about joining our…