What to Expect

What to Expect

Before I came to WellSprings, I investigated you online. I poured through the website, curious to see what you had to say about yourselves… I don’t know if you all know this, but there’s a big banner image across the top of the site, with a bunch of adults standing around blowing bubbles. My mind was pretty blown by the fact that I was thinking about going to church at all, but adding bubbles to the mix? Wow…”

our worship leader Jessica, from “Worship Alive” in Upcycle Your Congregation by Revs. Ken Beldon & Lee Paczulla

If you’re thinking of visiting WellSprings, we should warn you, we only blow bubbles once a year… but as Jessica and so many others have found, we are a community that strives every week, to celebrate and experience joy, to make room for both laughter and tears, and to grow and connect – with one another, and with something greater than ourselves.

the basics…

WHEN DO WE MEET? Sunday services are 10 am. You can join us in person at the Montgomery School, or you can watch our livestream from anywhere!

WE MEET IN A SCHOOL? Yes! We’ve had a wonderful relationship with The Montgomery School since our first service in January 2007. We meet in their spacious main building, Bell Hall.

HOW LONG ARE SERVICES? About one hour.

WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? We are casual and contemporary. Our ministers wear jeans when they preach. Be comfortable, and come as you are!

WHAT KIND OF WORSHIP STYLE SHOULD I EXPECT? Warm, friendly, welcoming, accepting, with lots of amazing live music.

WHO GOES TO WELLSPRINGS? People from all religious backgrounds, or none at all. Young adults just starting out, and retirees just hitting their prime. Single parents, and couples with kids trying to juggle it all. “Empty-nesters” wondering what comes next, and middle-age folks making changes in their personal lives or careers. Newcomers to the area, and elders seeking new community in an old place. Our community enthusiastically welcomes people of all genders, sexual orientations, abilities, class backgrounds, races, ethnicities, and nationalities – into full membership, and leadership roles.

IS CHILDCARE AVAILABLE? Yes! Children under 5 can visit our nursery on Sundays. Children ages 5-12 enjoy YouthSpirit during Sunday service. Teens usually stay in the Sunday service, but can sign up for teen programs throughout the year.

SO WHAT ARE YOU ALL ABOUT? Glad you asked!

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