Generosity & Gratitude Ministry

Generosity & Gratitude Ministry

Our Generosity & Gratitude (G&G) Ministry encourages in us the open-hearted sharing of our gifts, helping us all find ways to support the health and growth of our membership, and the community outside our doors.

G&G Leadership

All the members of any of WellSprings’ six core Ministries serve as co-equal leaders within their group. Sign into our online community on Realm to send a message to any of our leaders, or contact for more information. Generosity & Gratitude Ministry: Adam Shoffner, & Rodney Whittenberg.

Get Involved in G&G

Generosity & Gratitude is one of our six core Ministries at WellSprings. While our Teams make our mission real through focus on a specific area, our Ministries do work that reaches across all the different parts of our community. For this reason, every member of a Ministry is considered to be holding a leadership position at WellSprings. If you’re interested in serving on G&G, we would love to hear from you! Please contact our Leadership Development Ministry to learn more about joining…