Addictions & Recovery Team

Addictions & Recovery Team

The Addictions & Recovery (A&R) Team provides compassionate, nonjudgmental presence for individuals and families within WellSprings struggling with alcoholism, substance use disorder, and other addictions, and helps connect people with resources for recovery and healing.

More About A&R

We know that trusted and supportive relationships are necessary in the recovery process. The members of our Team are there to listen and to help ease the loneliness of people and families who are struggling, and to work alongside people in their recovery. We believe that a growing and honest spiritual life is an essential part of recovery from substance use disorders and addictive behaviors. The A&R Team is composed of WellSprings members who are in recovery from their own…

A&R Leadership

All WellSprings Teams are led by members of the congregation. Sign into our online community on Realm to send a message to any of our leaders, or contact for more information. A&R Team Leader: Josie Waldman

Get Involved in A&R

Our Teams are always looking for new members! For more information about getting involved with any of our Teams at WellSprings, contact our Membership & Communications Coordinator.