Rev. Lee Paczulla (She/Her)

Rev. Lee Paczulla (She/Her)

I came to WellSprings right after graduating from Divinity School in 2013, and knew then – and now – that this is one of the most fascinating spiritual communities I’ve ever encountered. It’s a place where I can grow spiritually as a minister, right alongside my congregants. It’s a community of people who are wonderfully open-hearted, original, purposeful, and connected. This congregation is doing something new and different with Unitarian Universalism, and my call to ministry has always been around what’s new and different. Religion in America may be shifting and changing, but I believe no matter what our background or experiences with faith, we all have spiritual lives that need nurture and tending. I hope this is a community where you’ll find your own way to grow, to connect with what’s meaningful for you, and to re-discover, over and over again, the kernel of belovedness that is always at the center of your life.

I arrived at WellSprings as a local – raised in nearby King of Prussia and educated in Upper Merion’s public schools. I moved around for a while, living in Washington, DC, in Boston, and then in South Philadelphia. In 2021, I finally put down roots in Phoenixville – an incredible community, where I find so much joy in being active, as a local volunteer. Right now I serve on the Borough’s Human Relations Commission, as a Governing Board member of the Phoenixville Council on Affordable Housing, and as a Board member and chair of the DEI (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion) Committee for the Phoenixville Community Health Foundation.

I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for in our community at WellSprings. If you’d like to talk more, I’d love to connect with you sometime! Meet up with me for coffee, or schedule a time on my calendar by clicking here.

It starts when you say ‘we’ and know who you mean – and each day, you mean one more.”

Marge Piercy
Ministerial Intern
Nick Sanchez (He/Him)