Messages by Beth Monhollen

Messages by Beth Monhollen

Ingredients for Making a Life

Today, Beth Monhollen takes us through the ingredients for making a life, beginning with a bit of playful remembering about what we wanted to be when we grew up.

New Year’s Day Service

For today’s message, Beth Monhollen talks about the practice of NOT making a New Year’s Resolution. She also invites everyone to take a small paper suitcase to follow a new tradition.

Caring for Each Other

Today, Beth Monhollen shares a message about what it means to be in a situation where you can love others, while also realizing that you can no longer maintain a relationship with them.

The Idol of Whiteness

Ministerial Intern, Beth Monhollen, shares a story about growing up and attending a school where most of the students were black, while she herself is white. She also shares a personal story about a time her husband felt singled out because of his race, and how she regretted her initial response to his discomfort.

The Idol of Purity

Ministerial Intern, Beth Monhollen talks today about how differences of religious practice have shaped our lives, especially today in America.

WellCome Back Sunday

Rev. Lee and Ministerial Intern, Beth Monhollen, have organized a special blessing and “refreshing” for us this week. Congregants were invited to bring in a house plant and to let the congregation offer the plants a little boost.

But I’m a Cheerleader

Ministerial Intern, Beth Monhollen, introduces Pride Month by speaking about one of her favorite cult films: But I’m a Cheerleader. In this film about queer characters at a “reprogramming” camp, Beth explores how society has treated LGBTQIA+ people throughout history.

Moving Small Stones

Ministerial Intern, Beth Monhollen, takes us through the classic story of Stone Soup – where a village all makes small contributions, resulting in a full meal for everyone. She uses this lesson to tell us how we can make small contributions to the world too, and that the cumulative effect can be huge.

Wholly Unravelling

This week, Beth Monhollen talks to us about a Brene Brown blog post about a “midlife unravelling” that became very meaningful in her life in 2018. She tells us about how she changed career paths after being very well established in a different field, and what those feelings were like. During this time, she looked to her husband, who had undergone a midlife unravelling of his own as well. Wholly Unravelling START OF TRANSCRIPT[00:00:00] Speaker1The following is a message from…

The Company We Keep

This week, Ministerial Intern, Beth Monhollen spends some time speaking with fellow seminary school students. They talk a bit about the work they hope to accomplish in their communities as Unitarian Universalist ministers. The Company We Keep START OF TRANSCRIPT[00:00:05] Speaker1Oh, my gosh, there’s people you’re not boxes on a screen, hello, everyone. And for those of you who are boxes on the screen, yeah,your box is on a screen and you’re here, you’re all here with us today. For…
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