Messages by Rev. Lee Paczulla

Messages by Rev. Lee Paczulla

Love Endures

For Easter, Rev. Lee shares a story which challenges the way we might see Thomas the apostle. Known as a doubter, perhaps he was more rightly labeled as a person who had simply seen too many bad things to have hope.

Growing Everywhere

Rev. Lee introduces our new message series “Every Kind of Love,” inspired by an elder we lost last year. She reflects on all the different ways love can show up in our lives, and also shares some of her favorite Meet Cute NYC clips

For Each Other

This week, Rev. Lee introduces us to a favorite poem by Wendell Berry, which calls for people to care for the Earth in such a way that future generations will benefit. She shares that it’s hard to feel youthful optimism these days, when it feels like we are fighting the same battles over and over again. But what if we are still growing and changing through these battles – and for the better, at that?

Come Alive

Rev. Lee talks to us this week about books she recently read by Howard Thurman. She asks the question: What if the people who seem to be more spiritually connected, are just the ones who have learned the trick of paying attention? How can we come alive in simple ways?

Better Days Ahead

Today’s message is a conversation between Rev. Lee and Chris Brickhouse, from the Better Days Ahead outreach organization. He discusses the issue of homelessness in our area, and how we can help in meaningful ways.

First Thing

Rev. Lee introduces our new message series, Daily reminders, by sharing the results of the poll she took online, asking friends “What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?” And spoiler alert: no matter what the answer is, you are already being spiritual, in anything you do.

Original Blessing Sunday

As Unitarian Universalists, we believe not in Original Sin, but in Original Blessing – that all of us are born inherently whole and holy. Today’s service offers blessings to our congregants, to remind them of this.

The Most & The Biggest

Rev. Lee shares a message about how humans define their various ideas of “the most and the biggest” thing – that being god. She shares some interesting definitions of different theologies, and also tells a very funny story about what a college friend thought Unitarian Universalism was.

Wild & Precious Life 2023

Our annual Wild & Precious Life service, wherein we ask people in different decades of their lives to answer the question posed in Mary Oliver’s poem, The Summer Day, “What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

A Higher Power

Rev. Lee talks a bit about a recent vacation she took where she encountered an unexpectedly comforting and intriguing roadside sign. She also takes some time to ponder all the different ways human beings have experienced and defined “god” over the years. Finally, she introduces us to the “Heaven Receptionist” videos on Tiktok.