Messages from February 2023

Messages from February 2023

A Helper

In today’s message, Rev. Lee talks a bit about how, in the bible, Eve was originally identified not as a partner, but as “a helper.” We then get to hear from Carol Ruark, a WellSpringer working with disadvantaged children.

Threads of Purpose

Today, Beth Monhollen speaks with two guests. Steve Waldman talks about his volunteer work as chief engineer with a local fire department, and Majid Alsayegh talks about his work in interfaith connection, especially in the Middle East.

To Be of Use

Rev. Lee speaks with two guests: Julie Choi and Tiffany Shoffner, about their work in sales, and how their jobs have come to mean more to them than they initially expected.

Seeing Over the Ridge

Lay preacher, Kathleen Higgins, shares her story about how her initial goals of being a teacher have landed her in a teaching role she didn’t quite expect.