Messages from May 2022

Messages from May 2022

Telling Fortunes

Today, Rev. Lee, with the help of a YouthSpirit friend, takes us through the activity of creating paper “fortune tellers,” and sharing the results with one another.

Moving Small Stones

Ministerial Intern, Beth Monhollen, takes us through the classic story of Stone Soup – where a village all makes small contributions, resulting in a full meal for everyone. She uses this lesson to tell us how we can make small contributions to the world too, and that the cumulative effect can be huge.

Mystery Seeds

Rev. Ken leads the congregation through an activity where we plant seeds. He discussed the importance of not knowing what the seeds are, but trusting that they will grow and bloom regardless.

Let the River Flow

Lay preacher, Chris Chepel, leads us through a bit of the history of WellSprings, and invites those present to take a few moments to add to a physical WellSprings timeline, posted in Bell Hall.

A Different Way

Rev. Lee talks today about her decision to reduce her workload temporarily to help prevent burnout. In this honest message, she asks all of us to consider the ways in which we might approach work and responsibilities differently – in a way that helps us continue to both work and care for ourselves. A Different Way [00:00:01] Speaker1Who knows where the time goes. It’s April already. And I can’t believe Easter is next week. There’s so many. Wonderful things aboutbeing…