Building Our Beloved Community: A Letter from the Stewardship Ministry

Building Our Beloved Community: A Letter from the Stewardship Ministry

Greetings WellSprings!

The Stewardship Ministry has begun work on our annual pledge campaign for the July 2024 through June 2025 fiscal year. We are inspired by our congregation’s generosity and sincerely thank everyone who supported WellSprings with a pledge commitment for the fiscal year July 2023 to June 2024. 

Our pledge campaign theme this year is Building Our Beloved Community!

At WellSprings, pledges are a commitment to give throughout the coming year. They allow us to plan for how WellSprings will live its mission with confidence that funds will be available. Ninety-five percent of WellSprings’ budget is supported through annual giving, which means everything we are and do together – singing with the band, gathering online and in Bell Hall, sustaining our ministers, giving back in our communities, nurturing our youth – happens thanks to your annual generosity. 

We are asking every household to make a pledge to WellSprings for the upcoming fiscal year. Our stewardship goals for FY2025 are:

  1. to increase the overall pledged amount by 16% to meet the planned budget of $250,000  
  2. to increase member pledge participation from 70% to 90%

Giving is an important spiritual practice. We understand some households may be experiencing financial stress. Please know that any pledge amount — even $1 — is appreciated. For those who can, increasing your pledged amount will help WellSprings meet its budget and reach our goals for fiscal sustainability. We are so very grateful to all who support Wellsprings, financially and in many other ways. It is through your generosity we can continue to support and sustain our beloved community next year and into the future.  

Our pledge campaign begins March 24th and concludes with a celebration on April 21st. To help determine your pledge amount, we invite you to reference the Suggested Giving Guide provided by the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), of which WellSprings is a member congregation. 

Ways to Pledge: 

• Online: Submit your pledge for the fiscal year 2024-2025 (July 2024-June 2025) at

• In person: Complete a paper pledge form and return it to the Giving Box at Bell Hall.

• Mail: Send a completed paper pledge form to the WellSprings Office.

As we continue this year together, we invite you to help build our beloved community and keep WellSprings strong.


Your Stewardship Ministry:

Majid Alsayegh, Mary Alsayegh, Kathy Burke-Howe. Julie Choi, Sarah Costa, Josie Waldman

Click below to see this year’s Pledge Campaign brochure

Click below to view and print a paper pledge card