This Year, at WellSprings…

This Year, at WellSprings…

We’re kicking off a new congregational year! Read below to get a taste of our themes for worship – and for faith formation for all ages – in the year ahead:

American Idols
our Fall Message Series

Many religious traditions include warnings against idolatry: the worship of something mortal, or inanimate, as though it were the most powerful thing in the universe – as if that thing was God, itself. What have we made idols of, today? Each week, we’ll answer that question with a focus on just one of our modern-day idols.

Loving (Even) This World
our Holiday Message Series

As UUs, we believe there is sacred meaning found in everyday life. … Yes, even this life. Even late-Covid, election season, war-torn, Earth burning… Somehow, even these times are full of love and purpose. During this series, we’ll offer opportunities for our whole community to meditate in public, in different places across the region. What will it feel like, to take that “one conscious breath” in the midst of this world, as it honestly is?

Making a Life
our Winter Message Series

Our relationship to work can be… complicated. Human beings long to be useful, to see the value and meaning behind what we do in the world. Yet we know, on some level, that we’re not here just to “earn a living.” The poet Maya Angelou said “making a living is not the same as making a life.” In this series we’ll explore our experiences with work – and examine what it truly means to make a life.

What Would [________] Do?
our Spring Message Series

What do we think Jesus would do, if he were alive today? Would he be a teacher and healer? A carpenter? An activist? A leader? Would we know his name at all? What about the Buddha, or the Prophet Muhammad? Who would Mahatma Gandhi, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, Bayard Rustin, or Ralph Waldo Emerson be, in our time – and how would they be moved to respond, when faced with today’s world?

The Muppet Theory of Everything
our May Message Series

It’s been suggested that everyone in the world fits into one of two categories: Order Muppets, and Chaos Muppets. Order Muppets (Bert, Kermit, Sam the Eagle) keep things organized and on track, while Chaos Muppets (Ernie, Cookie Monster, Gonzo) bring bursts of energy and creativity. Of course, we need both! In this year’s all-ages series, we’ll explore some of the oldest wisdom stories about that eternal dance, to find the right balance between order and chaos.


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