Four Small Group “SpringBoards” Coming This Fall!

Four Small Group “SpringBoards” Coming This Fall!

One of the core experiences of being a WellSpringer is participating in small groups for discussion, connection, learning, and growth. We call these groups Springboards. The pandemic brought many of these important gatherings to a halt, but we are glad to be offering several new Springboards this fall!

WellSpringers talk about their favorite SpringBoards

Listening to Our Lives

This is our signature small group (also known as Wellsprings 2.0) where participants explore big questions and timeless spiritual topics together: about Inspiration, God, Community, Suffering and Death, Spiritual Practice, Living our Gifts, and more.  It’s an ideal first Springboard if you’ve never tried one before, great for newer members, or anyone looking to deepen their spiritual lives.

Wednesdays, 7-9pm, September 21st – November 16th

Facilitators: Chris Groppe & Ted Howe

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Intro to Mindful Meditation

Wondering what this mindfulness stuff is all about?   Interested in mindfulness practice but don’t know where to begin?   Already practicing but feel like a refresher would be of benefit?   Then this is the group for you.   We will explore mindfulness practice through mindfulness of the breath, the body, and the thoughts and emotions. 

Mondays, 7-8:30pm. September 26 – October 31st

Facilitator: Deb Soderland

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Relationships & Self Knowledge

One of Wellspring’s core beliefs is in the Power of Community. We recognize that healthy human relationships offer a connection to the Sacred. This Springboard is designed to help you know and understand yourself better, understand others better, understand and manage relationship conflicts, and appreciate and leverage personality differences in relationships. Participants will take the Myers Briggs Type Indicator quiz.

Tuesdays 8-9pm, October 18 – November 8

Facilitators: Terry Rothermel & Linda Peduto

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The Gravity of God

A core belief at Wellsprings is that “we can experience God without being able to define God” — and yet, we also come to know the Divine “by living fully, loving generously and being who we are called to be.”   Sharing our experiences of God with each other can deepen our faith, even as those experiences may be different.   In this group, we will deepen our understandings of God through the metaphor of science.   By delving deeply into scientific concepts and ideas, we’ll each find metaphors to connect us in our relationship to the Holy. 

Thursdays, 7-9pm, October 20th – December 15th

Facilitators: Ted Elicker & Linda Peduto

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We hope you can join us at one of our four offerings from the Small Groups Team!