This Year’s “WellCome Back” Sunday in Pictures

This Year’s “WellCome Back” Sunday in Pictures

On Sunday, September 11th, WellSprings celebrated it’s annual “WellCome Back” Sunday – the special service which marks the end of summer and a return to the work, school, and worship schedules we follow through most of the year.

This time around, we asked folks to bring in a houseplant for a special ritual.

Bell Hall looked amazing with all the greenery. The space really came alive!

It was also great getting to see all the cool plants that WellSpringers brought with them from home.

Miss Carol and some YouthSpirit friends led us through a reading of the book “The Curious Garden.”

We heard Message from Rev. Lee, where she used houseplants as a means of talking about what it really means to be “refreshed.”

Rev. Lee and “Frankie”

Our Ministerial Intern, Beth Monhollen, then led us through a ritual where we each held an ice cube in our hands. This showed us that while the cold may be uncomfortable, changes take place as the ice cube melts. WellSpringers were invited up to allow the water in their hands to drip onto the plants on the stage.

And of course, we celebrated the day with bubbles, as we have done for years!

Thank you for joining us for WellCome Back Sunday, whether you were with us in person, in spirit, or online! In case you missed it, you can watch our service here.