Resource Guide for our “What Would [____] Do?” Message Series

Resource Guide for our “What Would [____] Do?” Message Series

Join us as we begin our new message series for Spring: “What Would [_____] Do?” The phrase “what would Jesus do” was everywhere in the early 1990s – a question Jesus-followers were encouraged to ask themselves, when faced with modern problems. But what do we think Jesus would do, if he were alive today? Would he be a teacher and healer? A carpenter? An activist? A leader? Would we know his name at all? What about the Buddha, or the Prophet Muhammad? Who would Mahatma Gandhi, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, Bayard Rustin, or Ralph Waldo Emerson be, in our time – and how would they be moved to respond, when faced with today’s world?

“what would [____] Do?” RESOURCE GUIDE

For each new message series, our Spiritual Development Ministry compiles a list of additional readings, songs, poems, meditation prompts, videos, etc. to help us connect more deeply with the message theme. You can find the resource guide below.

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