Our Intern Is Being Ordained This Sunday!

Our Intern Is Being Ordained This Sunday!

On Sunday, June 18th, we are gathering together to celebrate both beginnings and endings, as we ordain Beth Monhollen, who has served as our ministerial intern for two years. She will be leaving us to begin her new ministry at the UU Congregation of Urbana Champaign.

In the Unitarian Universalist tradition, it is the congregation which ordains new ministers, and we hope you can join us for what will be the third ordination in our congregation’s relatively short history of 16 years.

Where and When

Beth’s Ordination is happening at Bell Hall in the Montgomery School, where we have our Sunday services. The ordination ceremony will begin at 2 pm, and there will be a reception following.

For those joining us from home or from afar, you are welcome to join our livestream of the ceremony on YouTube. To participate in our live chat, you just need to be logged into your Google or YouTube account, and subscribe to the WellSprings channel.

What to Expect

There are a few ceremonial elements to watch for this Sunday.

Greetings: Several ministers from our denomination will offer words of greeting to begin the ceremony.

Offering: Traditionally, the minister being ordained chooses a special cause, and the congregation takes up an offering in response. Beth has chosen to split the offering between the UUA’s Living Tradition Fund, which is dedicated to providing financial assistance to struggling seminarians, religious professionals, congregational staff, ministers and retired ministers; and the Beldon Intern Fund, which WellSprings established last year, and which is dedicated to keeping WellSprings a teaching Congregation.

The Act of Ordination: This is when Beth truly becomes a minister. The congregation will be asked to repeat words together, as we all come together to ordain her.

Charge to the Minister: It’s a tradition for a colleague to offer words of inspiration and encouragement to the new minister. Rev. Lee will offer these words to Beth this time. When Rev. Lee was ordained, Rev. Ken offered a charge to her.

Presentation of the Stole: The congregation gifts the new minister with a stole, as a visual signifier of their ministry.

The Hand of Kinship: A symbolic welcoming of a new colleague into the community of ministers.

Reception: Of course, there will be a party at the end of the ceremony. Among the many treats offered, be on the lookout for a Wisconsin cheese platter, in honor of Beth’s home state. All attendees are most welcome to join us for fellowship and refreshments in the dining hall at the Montgomery School.

Other things to know

  • Please dress comfortably. WellSprings has a “come as you are” dress code.
  • We will begin promptly at 2.
  • Please expect this ceremony to be somewhat longer than a typical Sunday service.
  • Please take lots of pictures, and share them with us!
  • Sending us an RSVP helps immensely with our planning.

We hope to see you Sunday, as we gather together to ordain another minister!