All About Our “Neighbors & Helpers” Message Series this August

All About Our “Neighbors & Helpers” Message Series this August

An August tradition at WellSprings returns…

We see the world through our own eyes – and sometimes we assume that’s just “the way it is” for everyone. But when we engage with our neighbors, we start to realize how much our own limited perspectives never showed us. There are so many shades and colors of what it means to be “us” – to live in Chester County, or to be a Unitarian Universalist – beyond our own experiences. Once again this August, we’ll bring members of the community outside WellSprings’ doors to help open that conversation, and get to know more of the “people in our neighborhood.”

Here’s the schedule of guests you’ll see in our pulpit, this Summer:

August 6

Sean Williams, LGBT Equality Alliance

August 13

Holly O’Connell, A Path to Hope

August 20

Sharon Browning, JUST Listening

August 27

Chris Brickhouse, Better Days Ahead

September 3

John Barnett & Will Fuller, POWER Metro

We hope you can join us each Sunday morning at 10 am to hear these speakers, either in-person at Bell Hall, or online at our YouTube Channel.