Celebrating 10 Years of Rev. Lee!

Celebrating 10 Years of Rev. Lee!

A Note From Tonie Scullion, on the WellSprings Board of Trustees

Ten years ago today (August 1, 2013), WellSprings was introduced to our newest ministerial intern, Lee Allison Paczulla. Generally, when an intern comes to a congregation, they stay for two years and then leave to go to what will become their home congregation. However, Lee was such a perfect fit for WellSprings that the UUA permitted her to stay. How fortunate for us! With her sermons that always leave you with something to think about, warm nature, kind heart, and incredible hugs, Lee quickly found her place as a leader within our spiritual community. That leadership has never waivered as we navigated some difficult times, notably the Covid-19 pandemic. She has also led by sharing her struggles with burnout and modeling healthy practices that let us all know it’s okay to be vulnerable and ask for help when you need it. The Board of Trustees asks that you join us in celebrating this milestone of a decade of service to WellSprings and the greater community within Chester County. Happy “Workversery” Rev. Lee, Wellsprings is blessed and grateful you are our minister!

This weekend there will be a card in the back of Bell Hall that you may sign and leave a short message of your appreciation.

A Note From Rev. Lee

When I arrived here in 2013, I was 29, and WellSprings as a community was only 6 years old! We have all changed and grown so much in the past 10 years. You all have built a commitment to becoming a Teaching Congregation, welcoming new Interns and ordaining new ministers. We’ve finally found our way to adding livestreaming of Sunday services (a dream of our Tech Team, long before the pandemic!) As a community, you all have grown in terms of diversity, maturity, leadership development, and stewardship of your future. WellSprings has weathered the kinds of challenges in the past 10 years that other new start congregations have not been able to make it through – and, we’ve seen so many spectacular joys and successes. This is truly a unique congregation – within our UU fold, and within spiritual communities more broadly – and I am beyond blessed to be formed and shaped by serving you all, for an entire decade of ministry! Thank you all, for your trust in me, your support of and respect for your ministers, and for each other, and your commitment to the life of this congregation.