This Year, at WellSprings…

This Year, at WellSprings…

We’re busy planning for the year ahead at WellSprings! Our Fall message series starts in September – but scroll down to get a taste of the conversations we’ll be having (on Sunday mornings, in YouthSpirit, in small groups, etc.) all throughout the year…

Off The Fence our Fall Message Series

With battles raging all around us, and voices getting louder, it’s tempting to back away from controversy and conflict. We try not to get involved, hope things will work out, or that someone else will show up to fix it… but sometimes we need to take the leap “off the fence.” Instead of retreating, we show up for each other, we collaborate across differences, we stay humble and willing to learn. If we do, we just might find a stronger, more durable safety than any fence can promise: one that’s rooted in our ability to rely on each other.

God Without Borders our Holiday Message Series

If you’ve left religion behind – but held on to God – you’re not alone. The latest research shows that 80% of Americans claiming “no religion in particular” still believe in some kind of higher power. Human beings crave meaning, purpose, connection through hard times, and we so often long for something larger, to hold us through it all. Join us this Holiday season to explore how all different concepts of God can shape our lives – and deepen our experience of living.

Daily Reminders our Winter Message Series

In today’s world, we struggle to make time for work, family, chores, self-care, friendships, hobbies, personal growth – oh, right… and our “spiritual lives.” But what if there is no “spiritual life” separate from the “rest of life?” What if everything is just one more piece of this miraculous gift…the only life we’ll get? As the new year begins, let’s explore new ways to uncover the spirituality that’s hiding in plain sight – right here, in the moment, each day.

Every Kind of Love our Spring Message Series

When a 98-year-old member of our community passed away last year, her family reminded us of her favorite thing about this congregation: it’s a place where you can find “every kind of love.” This Spring, we’ll explore love in all its forms – as a power that holds us together, as an experience showing up within all different kinds of relationships, and as a gift that we all get to receive in this life.

Books Set Free our May Message Series

The books that surround us in childhood give us windows into other worlds – or reflections of our own. City kids learn about small town life. Tweens begin to imagine their future careers. Teenagers growing up in tough situations learn what healthy love can look like. With access to books, every kind of kid can find a story that helps them feel less alone. In our all-ages series this May, we’ll set banned books free – celebrating the value and truth to be found, in every human story.