WellSprings and Better Days Ahead Outreach Team Up to Help the Unhoused in Philly

WellSprings and Better Days Ahead Outreach Team Up to Help the Unhoused in Philly

All month long in January, our HeartWorks Team took up a collection of blankets, sleeping bags, and cold-weather gear of every kind – especially winter coats. The purpose of this collection was to support a day of outreach in Philadelphia, organized by Better Days Ahead.

Chris Brickhouse, of the Better Days Ahead organization, was our guest speaker on Sunday, January 21st. He told us about the homelessness crisis right here in our area, and offered more ways that we can help. You can watch his message below.

Chris Brickhouse and Rev. Lee

Also working to plan for our outreach day were some of the youngest WellSpringers. YouthSpirit friends made cards to go along with the blanket and other items to be distributed.

And an extra special shout-out goes to YouthSpirit friend, Sadie. She heard the call and created 100 additional AMAZING cards of care and support. She and mom Lauren worked with HeartWorks giving out cold weather supplies, accompanied by these joyful wishes of support and love. Way to go Sadie!

Ahead of the big day, Chris packed his van with 35 fully loaded backpacks, courtesy of Charles River Labs in Wayne, 40 tents, 40 sleeping bags and many blankets and other warm items, many of which were donated by WellSpringers.

This past Sunday, members of the HeartWorks Team met up with Chris after service to unload and distribute tents, sleeping bags, coats, blankets, 125 hot sandwiches, hot coffee and many other food items, directly into the hands of roughly 125 people in Center City. These folks are sheltering this winter between buildings, on steam grates, and in the subway, and this event was able to make an immediate positive impact for so many.

We are so grateful, not only for the hard work put in by the HeartWorks Team, and by Better Days Ahead, but for every WellSpringer who dug into their closets and pulled out jackets, coats, blankets, and sweaters. Have no doubt that even small acts of kindness can mean everything to a person in need. Thank you for your support, and thank you for thinking of our neighbors who need some extra help this winter. You made a difference!