Rev. Lee is Granted Full Fellowship

Rev. Lee is Granted Full Fellowship

“We recognize and applaud all the ways in which you have grown and thrived through the continued transitions of the congregation you serve.” These words are from the Ministerial Fellowship Committee of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) in its letter granting Rev. Lee Paczulla Full Fellowship as a minister in the UUA.

When Rev. Lee became our Executive Minister in July 2016, she was near the beginning of her ministry and in a period called Preliminary Fellowship. To be granted Preliminary Fellowship, ministers have completed their seminary training, internships in a church setting and as a chaplain, and have had a successful interview with the Ministerial Fellowship Committee at the UUA headquarters in Boston. During the period of Preliminary Fellowship, ministers meet regularly with a Committee on Ministry from their congregation, work with a ministerial mentor, and submit annual evaluations.

For the past four years our Board of Trustees, the Committee on Ministry, and Rev. Lee each submitted annual evaluations to the Ministerial Fellowship Committee. These evaluations identified strengths and areas for growth across several areas of ministry and offered ideas for continuing development. Our final set of evaluations was submitted last November, and Rev. Lee received notice of Full Fellowship earlier this month. Reaching this milestone is clearly something to celebrate!

Thank you to those who were part of the Committee on Ministry during the Preliminary Fellowship period. They are: Lauren Day, Chris Groppe, Carol Mantsch, Angie Sheets, Jane Thompson, Pat Whitfield, and Frank Zinni. Thanks also to Rev. Ken, the WellSprings staff, and to each of you for all of the ways in which you have guided, enriched and helped to grow Rev. Lee’s ministry.

Congratulations Rev. Lee!