Recap: Family Fun at Our Inter-Generational Game Night

Recap: Family Fun at Our Inter-Generational Game Night

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our first Inter-Generational game night this past Saturday evening. Our group started off by saying hello to many faces who we have not seen in some time. We played through a few rounds of Skribbl and applied our best artist skills to allow others to guess which word we were drawing.

We also played through a round of a Wellsprings themed Kahoot. Members of the congregation can set up their own Kahoot account for free and view the questions we used here. How well can you answer some of these?

Finally, we ended the night playing Fibbage. Fibbage is a fib-til-you-win trivia game where the truthful answer is mixed amongst some player inspired fibs. Sometimes the truthful answer will surprise you, such as highway construction in Iceland halted due to elves, or a failed Peter Boyle dog cop show called Poochinski.

It was so much fun to be able to see everyone and we are looking forward to hosting another game night in the future. 

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