End of Year Ask from the Generosity & Gratitude Ministry

End of Year Ask from the Generosity & Gratitude Ministry

As this unprecedented year nears its end, the Generosity and Gratitude Ministry would like to know: What are you grateful for at WellSprings? 

Here’s what we’re asking: 

  • Answer the question.
  • Take your answer and compress it down to a quick 5-second answer.
  • Record what you’re grateful for about WellSprings as video. It would be best if you did it in landscape mode, so the video is horizontal, but we’ll accept vertical videos, too. And in your delivery, give it a little energy. You’ll see why later.
  • Post it to the WellSprings Oasis Facebook Group, email it to stewardship@wellspringsuu.org or text it to 484-751-7795
  • Please do this ASAP.

You probably have a good question: Why? Well, we may use it as part of something special this holiday season. 

As always, the Generosity & Gratitude Ministry is grateful for your continued giving, and your help. If you have a question, reach out to any of us.