Some WellSprings Easter Treats are On the Way!

Some WellSprings Easter Treats are On the Way!

In a non-pandemic year, Easter Sunday would be marked at WellSprings by an Easter egg hunt ranging over the hills and playgrounds at The Montgomery School. YouthSpirit kids would spend a happy morning searching for hidden prizes and treats. This year – our second Easter in a pandemic – is going to look a bit different, but we’re committed to making this a charged-full experience for our young friends.

A DIY Birdfeeder Kit is in Each Bag!

Over the past few weeks, WellSpringers have contributed to a project for our YouthSpirit kids. Miss Carol, along with some volunteers, has worked to put together some special surprises which are going to be delivered to homes in the lead-up to Easter Sunday.

YouthSpirit families, be sure to keep an eye out – not only for the goody bags, but also for an email addressing any allergy concerns.

We’re not meeting in person this year, but we still wanted to bring a little piece of the WellSprings Easter experience to you.

Our Easter Sunday service will premiere at 10 AM on April 4th on our YouTube Channel.

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