Welcome Beth Monhollen, our new Ministerial Intern!

Welcome Beth Monhollen, our new Ministerial Intern!

Come September 1st, we’ll have another new face on WellSprings’ Staff Team…

Beth Monhollen, a Candidate for Unitarian Universalist ministry and student at Meadville-Lombard Theological Seminary, will be joining us for the next two years, as our Ministerial Intern!

View a greeting from Beth, and learn a bit more about her in her own words

I’m so excited to introduce Beth to our congregation virtually now – and, she’ll be here with us in-person on September 12th, when we re-gather physically for WellCome Back Sunday at the Montgomery School.

In our denomination, an internship in a UU congregation is among the last steps required before ordination – when a ministry student finally becomes a “Rev.” At WellSprings, Beth will share in our ministry by preaching and leading worship, facilitating small groups, supporting the work of our various Ministries & Teams, and providing pastoral care.

We will also be breaking new ground with this Internship, as Beth will serve with us in a “dual-platform” format: both online, and in-person. During the first year of her internship, Beth will travel back and forth between Chester County and her home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a few extended trips. Beth will join us in-person for about 10 Sundays, this coming year – in the Spring, we’ll reassess what we’ve learned from trying out this “dual-platform” experience, and make a plan for the second year of her internship together.

I was so grateful to hear so many of you reach out with excitement and interest in supporting our revived Internship program, and restoring WellSprings’ identity as a Teaching Congregation within our wider UU movement. There are still two ways you can help make this goal a reality:

  • Donate to our Intern Fund. We’re just under halfway to our fundraising target to provide fair compensation to our Intern – a total cost of about $20,000. Some of these funds will come out of our annual budget, but the Board & I hoped to raise an additional $5,000 this year to support our Intern. If you’re excited about reviving WellSprings’ Internship program, we ask that you share and show your support by making a one-time contribution, in any amount. Click here to give.
  • Serve on the Intern Team. Our Intern is required to meet regularly with 4-5 members of the congregation who will get to know Beth, provide feedback, and support her growth. This is a time-limited commitment, where you will be serving for only 1-2 years. Absolutely anyone can be on the Intern Team – members and friends, young and old, leaders and newcomers – in fact, the best Intern Teams are representative of the diversity of the congregation, in all forms. Please e-mail me if you want to learn more.

I hope (and know) you’ll join me in warmly welcoming Beth to our community, both now and in September. 🙂

Take care, and be well,

Rev. Lee

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