Grab a Coffee with Rev. Lee (In Person)

Grab a Coffee with Rev. Lee (In Person)

As we prepare to physically re-gather on Sunday mornings, I’d like to return to an old practice of mine for the remainder of the summer: offering some time for all of you to connect, with me and with each other, over lunchtime during the week.

Starting July 15th, I’ll be hosting “Lunch with Rev. Lee” again – in person! – every Thursday from 11am to 1pm. We’ll rotate between a few different locations in the areas where WellSpringers live – for now, only at places with outdoor seating. I’ll keep the Zoom link open while we gather as well, so even if you can’t stop by, you can pop in online for a few minutes from your home or office, to say hello.

You might recall I mentioned this intention in my SpiritFlix message on June 27th – how as we re-enter a changed world, transition into new routines, and re-connect with our wider communities, what we choose to remember from this time physically apart… from the way the ground shook under our feet, from how we coped and responded, what we felt and experienced… all of this will shape us powerfully, from here on out. Making conscious choices about what we will remember from this time helps us transition into what’s next with a sense of meaning and purpose – offering up the possibility of wholeness and re-integration, after a year that broke down and broke apart so much.

Each week, during these Thursday lunchtime drop-ins, I’ll offer us up a single question to spark our conversations, from the work of author and facilitator Priya Parker. Our conversations may end up wandering to other places, and that’s okay. This will just be a starting point. You can view the whole list of questions, below.

Here’s the full schedule of locations:

July 15 – Soltane Cafe (Phoenixville)

July 22 – Butterscotch Pastry Shop (Chester Springs)

July 29 – La Colombe (Bryn Mawr)

Aug 5 – Morgantown Coffee Shop (Morgantown)

Aug 12 – Twin Valley Coffee (Exton)

Aug 19 – Rolling Stars (West Chester)

Aug 26 – Brewed Awakening (Royersford) (rescheduled)

Sept 2 – Ebru Coffee (Audubon) (rescheduled to Sept 16 due to flooding)

Sept 9 – Brewed Awakening (Royersford)

Feeling blessed, relieved, and grateful to be seeing so many of you again, soon! Please take care, and be well,

Rev. Lee

Questions for This Time of Transition, & for Making the Last Year Count…from Priya Parker

What just happened? What has this time been?

What happened to our sense of place, our sense of family, our sense of ourselves?

Who and what did I miss and not miss?

What did I learn, what did we learn, what do we still need to learn?

What was lost? In what ways did I become lost? How did I become re-oriented and find my way? In what ways were we newly found?

What was revealed – about myself to me, about my relationships, about the world I live in, about life itself? And what do these revelations ask of me, and of us now?

What is the story we will tell about this time in the future?

What is our story of change, and how will we live into it?