Support Our Faithify Campaign!

Support Our Faithify Campaign!

About the campaign

This Holiday season, WellSprings is raising funds to support our Ministerial Internship program – using an international, UU-wide crowdfunding website called Faithify! Faithify allows UUs to show their support for each other’s ministries and projects, from anywhere in the world.

We know we have so many visitors, friends, online attendees, and long-ago and far-away followers who all value our beloved community and hope to see it thrive! If you’re not yet a pledging member with a regular gift to the congregation, making a one-time donation to our Faithify campaign is an excellent way to show your support.

Our Internship Fund supports compensation for the UU ministers we help to train, through our status as a Teaching Congregation with the UUA. Our current Intern, Nick Sanchez, is our fourth minister-in-formation to be trained at WellSprings. All of our interns so far have gone on to serve congregations throughout our wider UU movement.

We have a lot more detail on our Internship program at the Faithify website: Check it out, and feel free to share within other UU circles, Facebook groups, etc. to help us reach our goal by January 7th!

A Letter From Our Current Ministerial Intern, Nick Sanchez

Please, help us to work towards a bright tomorrow for the entire UU community.

As communities of faith evolve into the 21st century, post-pandemic future, WellSprings is uniquely qualified to train future Unitarian Universalist Ministers in a way that will help our faith to truly thrive.

Many UU faith communities feel the need to have more well-qualified ministers out in our churches, fellowships, and communities. Each year, there are dozens of UU communities that hope to find a settled minister, contract minister, or even interim minister, and they are unable to fill the position because there are so few available. Internship is an essential part of the UU ordination process, but fewer communities are able to serve as a viable teaching congregation. Even fewer are able to offer the unique type of training, resources, education, and experience that we make available in the type of contemporary worship that WellSprings offers. 

What WellSprings offers to our community is truly special. And what they offer to its interns, like me, is a teaching experience unlike any other. It is one that will spread into all of its interns’ future ministries across the country, and the world.  Please consider supporting this important cause so that we can not only ensure that communities like WellSprings thrive into the future, but that the type of contemporary worship experence that we have grown to love can be shared with our neighbors across the country – neighbors that yearn for it. 

With joy, love, and gratitude,


You can support our campaign at this link!

Thank you!