Donate School Supplies to Help Project Libertad

Donate School Supplies to Help Project Libertad

Throughout August, we are asking WellSpringers to help with the purchase of art boxes and supplies for Project Libertad.  As you may remember, Rachel Rutter from Project Libertad was a guest speaker during our Neighbors & Helpers community outreach message series. 

Your support will help immigrant families by providing needed supplies for the new school year.  Our goal is to fill up to 120 art boxes, so any contributions will be greatly appreciated!  YouthSpirit will also be supporting Project Libertad by writing welcoming notes for families.

Please find the request list below.  There will be a bin in the back of Bell Hall every Sunday in August where you can to drop off requested items. 

Items Needed

  • Plastic art boxes
  • Pencils
  • Elmers glue 4 oz
  • Kid scissors
  • Tape
  • Set of markers
  • Black sharpie marker 2
  • Highlighters
  • Post-it pads
  • Dry erase markers¬†
  • Tissue packs
  • Earbuds (inexpensive)

Thank you for supporting this project, and for helping local children and families gear up for the school year!