Christmas Eve Recap

Christmas Eve Recap

On Friday, December 24th, WellSpringers gathered together outside for a sunset service unlike anything we’ve done before. As Covid continues to change and evolve, so too must our approach to gathering safely. This outdoor service allowed us to come together for fellowship and song, warmth and goodies, spiritual healing and peace.

Of course, this being completely new to us, some serious pre-production was involved.

We wanted this service to be an offering to our congregation. Nothing stressful, nothing asked of the attendees – rather an invitation to come and be held by the community. What better way to invite relaxation and light hearts than with cookies and a hot cocoa bar?

But the best part of the night was the togetherness.

And as always, we closed out our Christmas Eve service by singing Silent Night together, and passing a candle flame amongst ourselves.

Thank you to everyone who attended, either in person, or online. Your presence was felt, and we’re so glad you could be a part of this special service.