A New Member Welcome, and an Update from Our Stewardship Ministry

A New Member Welcome, and an Update from Our Stewardship Ministry

This past Sunday, we celebrated Belonging Sunday, where we welcome new members who have joined our congregation over the past year. We were happy to welcome five new families, as well as two individuals who joined us the prior year, in 2022.

Rev. Lee welcomes our newest members

Each new member is given a gift bag with a few symbolic gifts: a little Energizer Bunny to represent our charged-full mission; and sunflower seeds, to represent how we hope our members will come to us on “rainy days,” “sunny days,” or when they’re simply dealing with the “dirt” of life.

Miss Carol and some YouthSpirit Friends read us the book Nell Plants a Tree

Our congregation then welcomed our new members together, repeating a message from Rev. Lee.

Missed Belonging Sunday? Don’t worry! Watch it on YouTube, here!

This was also Commitment Sunday for our 2023 Pledge Drive, and we raised an additional $26,125 this weekend, fo ra total of $177,233 pledged so far – 67% of the way towards our goal. There are still many households who give on a regular basis, but have not made a pledge for the coming year. The Stewardship Ministry will be reaching out to those members later this week by phone, so if you havn’t made your pledge yet, please click here to fill out your form, today.

Stay tuned for a final report on this year’s Pledge Drive, from our Stewardship Ministry at the end of this month. A huge “thank you” goes out to the 56 households who have already made their pledge!