What’s the Small Groups Team All About?

What’s the Small Groups Team All About?

At WellSprings, when we say “Small Group,” what we mean is a place where we gather together to deepen our spiritual connections and our connections with other WellSpringers. We believe that our Small Group offerings are one of the many special things that set us apart from other congregations, and make us uniquely “Us.”

Anyone who’s participated in one of our Springboards, SoulBites, retreats, Apple Tree gatherings, or any other Small Group offering knows that it’s about a lot more than learning something new or discussing an important topic. They know it’s about more than gathering together to engage in a spiritual activity – be it running, painting or cooking, all of which have been offered here in the past. 

What Small Groups are really about is connecting. These connections help us feel a sense of belonging and of being valued – a feeling that we may often long for in a world that often feels disconnected.

The relationships built through connection in Small Groups have the potential to charge us full on a deeper level than anything else. WellSprings members make genuine friends in small groups and look forward to seeing them and talking to them, not only after service on Sunday, but in countless meetings and get-togethers outside of these four walls.We believe that joining together is the most powerful thing we can do as human beings, and we invite you to join us.

Whether you are interested in helping by facilitating a Small Group, interested in participating in a Small Group, or just want to learn more about that small groups team’s mission we invite you to contact us simply by reaching out after service on Sunday or through Realm by contacting Linda Peduto, Bev Fox, or Lamees Hanna.