What Comes Next? A letter From Rev. Ken

What Comes Next? A letter From Rev. Ken

Dear WellSprings,

As I enter this final month of my ministry with you, I hope that we can continue to connect with one another. Whether it’s at my final message or the party or at any of the drop-in days, June promises to be a very full month. What comes after this time is equally important and so I wanted to reach out to you to talk about it.

Beginning July 1st I will enter a time of 6 months of no contact with members of the congregation, in person, by text, phone, email, or via social media. The intention of this practice is not to be punitive towards you or me. Rather, this is an established best practice when ministries end. In observing this boundary, it will give us all the time to move beyond my being on staff serving the congregation.

After 6 months I anticipate my primary involvement will be occasionally attending Sunday services as a member of the community. Beyond that, it will be at least a year after the end of my paid professional ministry with you before I may offer my gifts in service to the congregation as so many of you do as members, such as in the form of occasional guest preaching or something like leading a one-day retreat.

I hope that this helps clarify the process for you. Even more, I hope that we can move through this time of honoring what has been and what is, so that we might transition into what will be, for you, and for me, and for all the whole of WellSprings.

Once again, because I truly cannot say it enough, thank you for having allowed me to be your minister.

May you live in blessing,

Rev. Ken