We’re Modeling “Taking a Break” in YouthSpirit this Sunday

We’re Modeling “Taking a Break” in YouthSpirit this Sunday

YouthSpirit will mark its own one year anniversary online – 52 weeks – this Sunday, March 21st.

If you’ve read Rev. Lee’s letter to the congregation, you’ll understand the intention behind joining the congregation in a morning of rest and reflection. There will be no YouthSpirit ZoomRoom. 

The ongoing engagement of our kiddos, coming to our program every week for the past year, reveals their continued resiliency and curiosity. YouthSpirit friends attendance is also due, in no small part, to the dedication of their families, who help them get online with us each week. Thank you WellSprings families! 

But rest and reflection are also important. So we hope you will take the time off from YouthSpirit this coming Sunday morning to explore something with your children that nurtures both your spirits. 

Take a walk. Meditate. Color with your children. Rest. Reflect. And we will see your kiddos next week when YouthSpirit resumes on Sunday, March 28th. 

Here are a few activities you may want to try in your moments of mindfulness: