WellSprings Online in March

WellSprings Online in March

We know how much WellSprings matters to all of us, and we’re so grateful that we can continue to share experiences of connection, even during a time when keeping physical distance is an act of care.

Beginning on Sunday, March 15th, we’ll offer a new kind of experience: WellSprings Online. Here’s how it works:

  • At 10am each Sunday morning, a video will go live on our YouTube channel. You’ll see everything you expect to see at a regular service. A worship leader greeting you, a chalice lighting, a moment for silent meditation, a message from a minister or lay preacher, and yes… music from the WellSprings Band! 
  • The worship service video will be available for viewing at any time after 10am on Sunday, but consider watching right at 10am to make this a virtual “gathering time” for our whole community, to keep that feeling of the weekly rhythm alive. 
  • In the coming days, we’ll share a calendar with other plans to connect online. Using a combination of Facebook live and Zoom, an online meeting platform, you can still grab coffee with Rev. Lee, share in YouthSpirit activities and bedtime stories with Ms. Carol, and join a meditation session with Rev. Ken. You can even expect a chance to socialize with your fellow WellSpringers in a virtual “coffee hour.” 
  • A little intimidated by these new online options? We’ll offer a few “Lunch & Learn” opportunities where you’ll be guided through use of these new technologies, to stay in touch.

We are so grateful for the ability to stay connected. These are the times when we need spiritual community more than ever. We hope these online options help you to feel WellSprings is still close by, and that none of us are going through this alone.

If you run into any issues accessing our online content, you can contact Jessica Heichel at jessica@wellspringsuu.org for help.