WellSprings and Local Police Team Up to Help a Family in Need

WellSprings and Local Police Team Up to Help a Family in Need

Part of WellSprings mission is to spread generosity and love – even if it means crossing state and county lines! This was illustrated beautifully when our Heartworks Team received word from the Coatesville Police Department that there was a local family in need of some emergency assistance for the holidays. One of the items most urgently needed was a working refrigerator, and two of our congregants who live in Delaware came through with flying colors.

So many thanks are in order: thanks so much to Pete and Kathleen Higgins for their donation, to our HeartWorks Team for bringing this need to the attention of our congregation and for stocking the fridge with food, and of course, thanks to all the officers of the Coatesville, Kennett, and New Castle Police Departments who made this delivery possible.

The following words and photos were shared by the Coatesville PD on their Facebook page.

We recently learned of a community member’s need for a working refrigerator. Thanks to the assistance of WellSprings Congregation a donation from a caring and willing family was located. The refrigerator being in Delaware, just over the county and state line, didn’t stop us. We thank Sergeant Gordon of Kennett Township Police Department (who volunteered his off duty time) and Lieutenant Tatum and Master Corporal Alegandro from New Castle County Police. They assisted the donor with loading before his trek to Coatesville. Once it arrived, we handled it from there. We appreciate the multi-jurisdictional teamwork and dedication to service. We’re also thankful for the opportunity to bring a smile to a community member’s face.”

-Coatesville Police Department, Facebook, December 13, 2019