Renewing Our Membership Commitments

Renewing Our Membership Commitments

This Sunday, we’re welcoming new members to WellSprings at our Belonging Sunday service online. But because Belonging Sunday is a celebration of all members, not only our newest, we are also inviting you to renew your membership commitment this spring.

Here are two ways to renew your commitment:

  • The “New Member” Website Section – We’ve created a section of our website specifically for new members. There, you’ll find all the new information we hand out to members during our revamped 1.0 sessions. Some of this is likely familiar to existing members, but some of it will be new. Be sure to check the link to see what’s changed since you joined!
  • The Membership Form – WellSprings has never used a membership form in the past, so this is an entirely new approach. While we are asking all new members to fill out this form as a means of marking their official decision to join our congregation, we are also asking existing members to fill out the membership form. On the form is information which will help us better facilitate connections among our congregation and make sure every member feels included and like they truly belong.

We hope to see many of you at our coffee hour this Sunday where we welcome some of the new WellSprings members who have joined us during this past year.

Anyone interested in learning more about how to join WellSprings can contact Jessica Heichel, our Membership and Communications Coordinator, anytime!