Join a Campfire…

Join a Campfire…

In her message on March 22nd, Rev. Lee spoke about “digital campfires” – small group communities with a common center, that gather across great distances. With all the uncertainty around us and ahead of us today, we’d like to try creating a few virtual “Campfire” circles within WellSprings, for anyone who wants a little company, and support, from afar.

Campfires will be small groups of 5-8 people who commit to check in with each other, all through the time that our in-person gatherings are suspended.

We’ll do our best to match you up with others looking for similar forms of connection. Maybe you want to be sure your Campfire includes existing friends at WellSprings. Maybe you’d like to connect with people in a similar stage of life or situation – people living alone, other single parents, essential workers still going to their job each day, etc. – or perhaps this will be an opportunity for you to meet new people in our community.

We’ll also group Campfires around preferred method of communication – so you can connect with other people who want to keep in touch in the same way. Maybe your Campfire wants to connect:

  • on a video conference. Set up a regular day and time for an online check-in gathering, on the platform of your choice. WellSprings has a Zoom account we’ll make available to you, if you like.
  • on Facebook. If you’re already on social media, you can create an intimate Facebook group for your Campfire to stay in touch, share photos, and post regular updates with each other.
  • via text. Use text messaging, or a messaging app (i.e. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger) to create a group text for conversation and connection, all throughout the week.
  • via e-mail. Start a new e-mail thread each week to share personal updates, as well as interesting articles, poems, news stories, and other sources of inspiration.
  • by phone. Every week, one member of your group can call the rest, just to touch base. The responsibility rotates – so for one week out of six, you make the calls. The rest of the time, you receive calls.

We hope these Campfire groups will boost our sense of connection to one another, create opportunities for joy and fun, help to offset some of the stress and loneliness of this time – and also help us notice when a member of our community might be struggling, so we can offer support, as we are able.

If you’d like to join a Campfire, click here!

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